Friends of the Krone

Wilma und Herbert Natter

Wilma & Herbert Natter
senior bosses and grandparents

seni­or part­ners and the back­bone of the Kro­ne, they pro­vi­de sup­port whe­re­ver nee­ded to allow Hele­ne and Diet­mar to get on with all aspects of their life’s work. Spe­cial­ty chef, grand­pa, grand­ma, loo­king after guests, pro­vi­ding a deli­very ser­vice, deco­ra­ting for a spe­cial occa­si­on – you name it, they’ll do it!
That’s the way it works when you are a dedi­ca­ted host and regard enjoy­ment as a ‘human right’.

Lina Nussbaumer

Diet­mar Nussbaumer’s mother is ano­ther good spi­rit of the Kro­ne: grand­child­ren with Oskar and Max are a fixed point and her kit­chen gar­den in Lan­gen regu­lar­ly sup­pli­es the Kro­ne with herbs, ber­ries and vege­ta­bles in the summer.

Isabella Natter-Spets

Isabella Natter-Spets
Sister, idea giver

‘My fami­ly and I live just over a mile away from the Kro­ne. In my heart the­re is vir­tual­ly no distance at all. My sis­ter and her hus­band have done a won­derful job taking our child­hood home fur­ther and it gives me gre­at plea­su­re to be a part of that pro­cess.’ In her pro­fes­si­on, Isa­bel­la Natter-Spets deve­lo­ps ide­as and has con­coc­ted a few for the Kro­ne as well.

Dr. Peter Natter
house philosopher

‚I am the caret­a­ker of all things cere­bral at the Kro­ne. I am not con­cer­ned with the super­fi­ci­al, I’d rather dig deep and seek pro­fun­di­ty and, abo­ve all, effect. A phi­lo­so­pher con­cerns hims­elf with cul­tu­re which is not just a part of some­thing but repres­ents the very begin­ning of ever­y­thing. This is the spi­rit I pur­sue when I am at the Kro­ne spen­ding time with our guests while they enjoy ever­y­day rela­xa­ti­on and holi­day highlights.’

Dr Peter Natter, house philosopher

Florian Aicher
Architecture critic and friend

‚At the Kro­ne I find what is miss­ing in many places the­se days: the art of trans­forming some­thing mun­da­ne into a joyful event. It takes a spe­cial talent to achie­ve this wit­hout arti­fice and affect.‘

Bernardo Bader
architect and friend

The­re is hard­ly any­whe­re else whe­re peo­p­le and place fit tog­e­ther as well as at the Kro­ne. It’s won­derful to be fri­ends with both!

Stefania Pitscheider-Sorraperra
Director of the Women’s Museum in Hittisau

The Bre­gen­zer­wald is a regi­on dedi­ca­ted to sus­tainable tou­rism and as such, cul­tu­re in all its shapes has par­ti­cu­lar signi­fi­can­ce. It is the­r­e­fo­re very important to pur­sue a fruitful col­la­bo­ra­ti­on bet­ween cul­tu­ral insti­tu­ti­ons and tou­rism enter­pri­ses. As long as the­re is acti­ve exch­an­ge, coope­ra­ti­on and mutu­al sup­port, both par­ties will bene­fit and this has been the case with the Kro­ne right from the begin­ning. The Kro­ne is an important part­ner clo­se by, both for sta­ging events and for the con­so­li­da­ti­on of our museum’s stan­ding in the regi­on and beyond.

Markus Faisst
Thoughts from our wood philosopher and esteemed local carpenter Markus Faißt:

‘I see the Kro­ne as a place and space of extra­or­di­na­ri­ly well loo­ked after and sophisti­ca­ted ever­y­day cul­tu­re. My clo­se rela­ti­onship with the Kro­ne fami­ly grew from many buil­ding pro­jects as well as cul­tu­ral col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons over the years and it repres­ents some­thing very pre­cious to me.’

Hermann Nenning

Christiane Eberle

Johann Steurer