In summer.

A drow­sy buzz of bees over the gera­ni­ums lining the Krone’s veran­da. Your ape­ri­tif comes with a smi­le. On the vil­la­ge squa­re the foun­tain plays, and the moun­tains glow ever more warm­ly in the set­ting sun. Cyc­lists whisk across the squa­re, child­ren troop back from the open-air swim­ming pool. Then a ful­ly laden hay-cart lum­bers past, lea­ving the fra­gran­ce of hay and sum­mer. Sum­mer at the Krone.

Summer Activities

Every sum­mer the Kro­ne renews the dark brown of its shin­gled walls; the veran­da is in use again and is the place to install yourself com­for­ta­b­ly and enjoy the now famous bird’s‑eye view of all the action in the vil­la­ge cent­re (while of cour­se gent­ly res­to­ring yourself with nice things brought to you from kit­chen and cel­lar). The tree-shaded gar­den for our guests offers peace and quiet to while away a lazy after­noon. And of cour­se your Bre­gen­zer­wald & Gro­ßes Wal­ser­tal Visi­tor Card is a who­le bund­le of invi­ta­ti­ons: avail­ab­le to any guest boo­king for 3 nights or more, it allows you gra­tis use of the Bregenzerwald’s public bus ser­vices, moun­tain rail­ways and open-air swim­ming pools.

Bregenzerwald & Großes Walsertal Guest Card

The Bre­gen­zer­wald & Gro­ßes Wal­ser­tal Visi­tor Card gives you free ent­ry – from 1 May to 31 Octo­ber – to the moun­tain expe­ri­en­ces offe­red by the regi­on. It gives you as many excur­si­ons as you like on the moun­tain rail­ways, along with environmentally-friendly tra­vel on the regio­nal bus ser­vices, and hours of fun and rela­xa­ti­on in the open-air swim­ming pools. You will be given your Bre­gen­zer­wald & Gro­ßes Wal­ser­tal Visi­tor Card when you book three or more nights accom­mo­da­ti­on in the area. The card is inclu­ded in the room price.

Border path Sulzberg

Grenzer­pfad, impressions


Hit­ti­s­au and the Bre­gen­zer­wald are a tru­ly lovely area for walks of all kinds – from gent­le ram­bles to stre­nuous hikes.

What we call the “Umgang” (The Round) fea­tures notes on points of archi­tec­tu­ral inte­rest, pos­ted at inter­vals along way-marked wal­king rou­tes – Hit­ti­s­au is inclu­ded. The natu­ral envi­ron­ment round Hit­ti­s­au has lots of inte­rest for the wal­ker, inclu­ding river­si­de and lakesi­de – and aqua­tic – flo­ra and fau­na: just fol­low the water­si­de trails, such as the Leck­ner­see lake in the near­by Leck­ner Val­ley, a wal­kers’ para­di­se – or climb up into the moun­tain com­plex known as the Nagel­fluh­ket­te, which offers extre­me­ly varied ter­rain on con­glo­me­ra­te rock. Fill your water-bottles and your day sacks, and then off you go, down to the water­lands, up high to the hills, out in the fresh, fresh air!

Mountain Biking

For good-time guys and maso­chists, for spins and sport. The two well-stocked sports shops here in Hit­ti­s­au will kit you out with machi­nes and access­ories, we at the Kro­ne con­tri­bu­te use­ful tips and your ener­gy reser­ves, and you – you get all the fun. (OK, and the aches.)

Not like that last bit? Then back to the sports shops – they have e‑bikes!
Sim­ply ask Anna or Ange­li­na at reception.

Golfpark Bregenzerwald


The nea­rest 18-hole cour­se is ten minu­tes away; wit­hin an hour’s dri­ve you have a choice of five 18-hole cour­ses. What it comes down to is qui­te simp­le: the Kro­ne is a super loca­ti­on for keen golfers.

As a foun­der hotel, the Kro­ne offers its guests redu­ced green fees at the Golf­park Bre­gen­zer­wald, all other golf cour­ses in Vor­arl­berg, and one just over the bor­der in Ger­ma­ny, Golf­platz Stei­bis. You look after your han­di­cap, and we’ll look after you!


Fishing is per­mit­ted from May to Sep­tem­ber, in the community-owned angling reser­ves of the Bol­gen­ach Reser­voir and Bol­gen­ach River. The Krone’s cooks will be deligh­ted to pre­pa­re and cook your catch for you.


In Hit­ti­s­au the­re is a ten­nis court embed­ded in natu­re with a gre­at all-round view. From now on, as a guest in the Kro­ne, you can take advan­ta­ge of the advan­ta­ge and play on the court free of char­ge from Mon­day to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with advan­ce notification.

The squa­re is easy to reach on foot or by car, take the road in the direc­tion of Bal­der­schwang and turn right in front of the muni­ci­pal office.
Zwi­schen dem Senio­ren­heim und der Volks­schu­le durch­fah­ren bzw. durch­ge­hen. Turn right befo­re the no-drive sign (Hirt­to­bel).

Good game

To swim

Have you ever had a swim in “Gran­der water” (named after Johann Gran­der)? – It has a vel­ve­ty feel, rather than ree­king of chlo­ri­ne, and you can try swim­ming in it in the Hit­ti­s­au out­door pool. Or ano­t­her pos­si­bi­li­ty: Bea­te, our Ser­vice Mana­ger, knows an idyl­lic hidden-away bat­hing pool – the “Gum­pa” in the Leck­ner Val­ley. But you’ll need to ask her in person.

And for a gre­at day’s outing you must head off to Lake Con­stance and the city of Bre­genz – art and cul­tu­re to your heart’s con­tent, and then a head­long plun­ge into the gre­at lake!


High 5 makes your adven­ture dreams come true. Phy­si­cal­ly expe­ri­en­cing natu­re – your per­so­nal con­fron­ta­ti­on with natu­re – is vis­cer­al­ly exci­ting. Cano­eing, raf­ting, bungee-jumping, can­yo­ning, wee­kends living outdoors ….

High 5 is based in Lin­ge­nau, only 3 km from the Krone.

And then the quie­ter pursuits: