Have gar­den. Will sweat!

Words of wis­dom from our gar­de­ners. The gar­den at the Kro­ne is no dif­fe­rent. Howe­ver, for once you can sweat in style rather than dig­ging up the soil, wate­ring, plan­ting und ten­ding vegetables.

As luck would have it, we’ve got a won­der­ful sau­na in our gar­den, desi­gned by our very own archi­tect Ber­nar­do Bader and built by the talen­ted artis­ans of the craft coope­ra­ti­ve Werk­raum Bre­gen­zer­wald.

Thanks to its uni­que design we now rather affec­tio­n­a­te­ly call it our UFO in the gar­den. Insi­de, you’ll find a clas­sic Fin­nish sau­na, a sana­ri­um with lower tem­pe­ra­tures, soft steam and plea­sant humi­di­ty, gre­at sho­wers and a divi­ne tre­at­ment room for massages.

Remem­ber the old ada­ge that cold water is good for you? Step into the Kneipp water trea­ding basin on a hot sum­mer day and revi­ve tho­se wea­ry feet. Just a few steps fur­ther and you’re in the quiet rela­xa­ti­on zone, brea­the in the won­der­ful aro­ma of wood fur­nis­hings and … just … chill.

Fan­cy enjoy­ing your sau­na while doing your bit for the environment?

  1. 1. The Kro­ne has been awar­ded the Aus­tri­an eco-label and we do not use dis­po­sable bath slip­pers, as their life span’s just too short. Ins­tead, we ask you to bring your own slip­pers or flip flops. Thank you, your coope­ra­ti­on is much appreciated.
  2. In order to con­ser­ve ener­gy resour­ces, the sauna’s open dai­ly from 3pm to 7pm as the­se are the most popu­lar times with our guests.

If you fan­cy working up a good sweat befo­re or after that, just let us know in advan­ce and we’ll get it sorted.

That goes for hot sum­mer days as well, all we need is 20 minu­tes‘ warning.

Body and mind…

A cer­tain amount of stress and ten­si­on is an essen­ti­al ele­ment of an acti­ve and ful­fil­ling life. No less important is the occa­sio­nal detox and destress, espe­cial­ly during a vaca­ti­on. At the Kro­ne, you’ll find gre­at lite­ra­tu­re, art and phi­lo­so­phi­cal musings to chal­len­ge the head and the oppor­tu­ni­ty of a mas­sa­ge to ease any bodi­ly tension.

Hel­ping hands to indu­ce deep rela­xa­ti­on during your stay at the Krone

Sere­ni­ty regai­ned with a skil­ful massage.

Clas­sic massage 

Reflex­olo­gy treatment 

25 minu­tes: Euro 38.00

50 minu­tes: Euro 75.00

We recom­mend reser­ving your desi­red time slot and type of mas­sa­ge befo­re your arri­val at the Krone.

Plea­se note that all mas­sa­ge appoint­ments NEED to be boo­ked in advance.