Sustainability concept

We are an ecologically-minded company and we take our responsibility for the world around us very seriously, constantly striving to implement improvements in all areas and to help preserve a livable and healthy environment for future generations. We also think it’s important to actively involve our guests in the environmental measures we have put into practice and to make them aware of the significance of environmental protection. Every initiative we put in place aims to safeguard and improve the world we all live in.


To make our environmental efforts more visible, we strive to fulfil the requirements of the Austrian Eco-Label for the Catering and Hospitality Industries as well as the credentials for Green Meetings & Green Events.

This eco-label makes it easier for consumers as well as public and private buyers to identify environmentally friendly products whose quality has been tested according to government-approved criteria.

The ecological criteria governing the award of an eco-label are based on scientific studies and extensive consultation with the Eco-Label Committee. This committee is made up of public bodies, representatives of various environmental, consumer and industry associations, trade unions, representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and trade.

The criteria of the Austrian Eco-Label for the Catering and Hospitality Industries as well as those for Green Meetings & Green Events serve to minimise the most significant and damaging environmental impacts arising during the three phases of the life cycle of services and products (purchase, delivery/consumption, disposal). The core objectives are as follows:

  • Limit energy consumption
  • Limit water consumption
  • Limit waste and optimise disposal
  • Preferential use of renewable energy sources
  • Preferential use of materials and resources that are less harmful to the environment
  • Promote environmental communication and environmental education

Our efforts to reduce environmental impact:

  • We are steadily buying more and more eco-label products
  • We educate our employees in resource-saving and environmentally friendly behaviours
  • We educate our guests about ways to support our environmental goals and about the Austrian Eco-Label
  • We collect data on the consumption of energy, water and chemicals, calculate our volume of waste and process this data to optimise internal operations

Our efforts to achieve sustainable development:

We are an inclusive, equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against local minorities. We also practice integration, currently employing one member of staff with a disability and two refugees with asylum status (from Iraq and Syria).

We select virtually all produce we buy according to regional and seasonal availability.

We promote the health and well-being of our employees by providing regionally sourced, wholesome and varied meals.

We are embedded in the rich culture and heritage of the Bregenzerwald and the federal province of Vorarlberg and we actively encourage our guests to enjoy the multitude of cultural offerings. Our contribution at the Krone to the cultural diversity of the region consists of various events (readings & concerts, book presentations, etc.) throughout the year. We also enjoy regular staff outings and organised visits to various exhibitions and museums.

We are committed to biodiversity and the protection of the natural habitats in the nearby Nagelfluhkette Natural Reserve and play an active role in its preservation and upkeep.

We are a member of “Hospitality the Vorarlberg Way”, piloting this initiative since its earliest stages. Sustainability, hospitality and regionality have been top of our list of priorities for many years. And we are networking with like-minded people and organisations, constantly learning, adapting and improving.