Quite beautiful, and old.

The crown stands on the vil­la­ge squa­re of Hit­tis­au like an old lady with style and charm. The spi­rit of the crown is lively and open to new things — sin­ce it has exis­ted, sin­ce 1838.

The crown loves qua­li­ty and the good life. The old lady knows what it takes to arri­ve and lin­ger well. To be inspi­red and just be there.

She does not pro­vi­de for all this alo­ne. The crown includes fami­ly, employees, fri­ends, craft­smen and sup­pli­ers: A micro­c­osm of peo­p­le who like to work whe­re they work.
act that value the good life and keep the crown young.

So, step insi­de and take a seat. You have arrived.

Being in the crown.

Be the­re. This is much more than being phy­si­cal­ly on site. Real­ly being the­re can be felt: the thoughts come to rest, the sen­ses are awa­ke, one feels con­tent­ment in the now and is serene.

In the crown, the­re are many time-tested tools for this really-being-there:

The fur­ni­tu­re is made with pre­cis­i­on craft­sman­ship by craft­smen from the Bre­gen­zer­wald — a plea­su­re to sit, lie down and use.

The crown kit­chen, which cooks with orga­nic ingre­di­ents from the regi­on, and thus mit­ser­viert the good fee­ling of doing good to the body.

Tea time in the fire­place room whe­re you can also just watch the fire crack­ling in the fire­place. Or have a rela­xed con­ver­sa­ti­on with other guests.

The sau­na house in the gar­den, which is so beau­tiful that you can also real­ly sweat in it.

The imme­dia­te sur­roun­dings, which invi­te to many things: to lei­su­re­ly walks and to deman­ding hikes, cul­tu­ral expe­ri­en­ces, to cross-country ski­ing rounds, archi­tec­tu­ral tours, and to spon­ta­neous encounters.

A house libra­ry with many inte­res­t­ing books as well as qua­li­ty news­pa­pers like Der Fal­ter, Der Stan­dard, Pres­se, Neue Zür­cher Zei­tung, Frank­fur­ter All­ge­mei­ne and maga­zi­nes like brand­eins, Der Spie­gel, Ori­gi­nal, Fal­staff, a la car­te, Vogue, Hoch­par­terre, Modul­or, Art Aurea, and many more.

The crown fami­ly that cares for its guests and gives them time.

The wine cel­lar, whe­re over 6,000 bot­t­les of plea­su­re are stored.

The table ten­nis room for the ball exch­an­ge with the new acquaintances.

The night when you look up at the stars and feel vastness.

In addi­ti­on, in the crown the­re are pro­ba­b­ly the most sym­pa­the­tic guests in all of Midd­le Earth, a fine board game coll­ec­tion and other­wi­se a few tools for being real.

But we want to have a few litt­le sur­pri­ses up our slee­ves for you.…

Being in the crown. Be the­re. Your hotel in the Bregenzerwald.