Pretty nice & old.

Like a grand old lady with an abundance of charme and style the Kro­ne occu­p­ies her right­ful place on the vil­la­ge squa­re in Hit­ti­s­au. Sere­ne in her matu­ri­ty, yet spright­ly and curious, she is and always has been open to all things new and inno­va­ti­ve sin­ce her incep­ti­on in 1838.

This digni­fied dame insists on qua­li­ty and appre­cia­tes the good things in life. She knows how to make visi­tors wel­co­me from arri­val to depar­tu­re, how to inspi­re and indul­ge tho­se under her roof.

She pro­vi­des the sple­ndid set­ting but the over­all endea­vour is shared among fami­ly, employees, friends, artis­ans and sup­pliers: a micro­cosm of peop­le who are com­mit­ted to their dai­ly tasks and chal­len­ges, who love the place whe­re they work, who also appre­cia­te the good life and who keep the crown young, lively and on her toes.

So come on in, sit down, unwind. You have arrived.

Life at the Krone.

Step over the thres­hold. This is about much more than phy­si­cal pre­sence. Having pro­per­ly arri­ved is a sen­so­ry expe­ri­ence: busy thoughts still while your sen­ses awa­ken to revel in the calm con­tent­ment that can be found in the here and now.

We employ a who­le bag of tricks and tools to ensu­re this, such as the beau­ti­ful fur­ni­tu­re in your room, craf­ted by our Bre­gen­zer­wäl­der artis­ans, a warm invi­ta­ti­on in wood to kick back and chill.

Food from the Kro­ne kit­chen, pre­pa­red from regio­nal orga­nic pro­du­ce, gua­ran­te­ed to rep­le­nish body and soul and ser­ved with a smile.

The local neigh­bour­hood, temp­t­ing you into leisu­rely walks or chal­len­ging hikes, cul­tu­ral expe­ri­en­ces, cross-country ski­ing, architecture-themed walks and spon­ta­ne­ous encounters.

Our Chim­ney Room, for a revi­ving cup­pa. Watch the open fire, lis­ten to the logs crack­ling, revel in soli­tu­de or have a chat with fel­low guests.

Our well-stocked house libra­ry. Brow­se among a mul­ti­tu­de of absor­bing books, maga­zi­nes and news­pa­pers such as Der Fal­ter, Der Stan­dard, Pres­se, Neue Zür­cher Zei­tung, Frank­fur­ter All­ge­mei­ne and selec­ted jour­nals such as brand­eins, Der Spie­gel, Ori­gi­nal, Fal­staff, A la car­te, Vogue, Hoch­par­terre, Modulor, Art Aurea, to name just a few.

Us, the Kro­ne fami­ly, taking good care of you and pre­sen­ting you with the gift of time.

Our wine cel­lar, home to more then 6000 bot­t­les of liquid joy.

Our big and beau­ti­ful sau­na in the gar­den, per­fect set­ting for an impromp­tu detox ses­si­on that will lea­ve you refres­hed and rejuvenated.

A ten­nis table room whe­re you can chal­len­ge friends, fami­ly or fel­low guests to a quick fire round or two.

The night sky in Hit­ti­s­au. Look up to the stars and feel your soul expand with the sheer vast­ness of the twinkling cano­py above.

And as luck has it, you’ll pro­bab­ly find the most like­ab­le guests in all of Midd­le Earth at the Kro­ne, plus a fine collec­tion of board games and a few other treats.

We’ll keep tho­se few more a secret for now but do expect to be plea­s­ant­ly surprised…