Efficient arrangements and congenial context.

When you need to con­fer or to work on a pro­ject – per­haps for a com­pa­ny, or an orga­ni­sa­ti­on, or even to do with your own life – and can best meet that need away from your usu­al working envi­ron­ment; when you resol­ve to take time to think about the future or reflect on the past: wha­te­ver your pur­po­se, you will need to find the place to achie­ve it.

The Kro­ne is a good place for such requi­re­ments. Clear thin­king will fol­low when all the sen­so­ry signals are right.

And what your sen­ses will instant­ly respond to here are such things as: bright light airy semi­nar rooms for up to 25 peo­p­le – far from city fumes. Light but appe­ti­sing menus for semi­nar par­ti­ci­pan­ts; strong espres­so, a cul­tu­red atmo­sphe­re and obliging hosts.

Ask for the things you need: a stroll with Peter Nat­ter, our house phi­lo­so­pher; open-air break­fasts, fire-walking, a table-tennis tour­na­ment, a few hours hands-on lear­ning from a fri­end­ly arti­san. Wha­te­ver it may be, do let us know.

Working space for creatives, executives, charity workers, crime novelists and artists

70 sq.m. (750 sq.ft.) is what we start from – but if you pre­fer a smal­ler space, no pro­blem. The wall can be moved and the room size redu­ced to meet your needs. What if you need not less but more? In that case the Kro­ne will fix you up with one of its near­by part­ners for a lar­ger room; howe­ver, the Kro­ne its­elf will remain your host and facilitator.