Supervision und Superragout.

Get out of your own 4 walls to discuss the present, develop the future or reflect on the past – companies, organizations, think tanks, associations, consultants and coaches will find the Krone a good place for their agendas. After all, the mind follows the senses. And the senses experience friendly welcome being, light, oxygen-soaked seminar rooms for up to 25 people. Light, aromatic
Seminar kitchen, strong espresso, a house where everyday life is lived as culture …

… and flexible hosts:
They make possible whatever it takes: the wine tasting in the Kronen cellar, the visit to a craftsman friend, a ping-pong match, the walk with house philosopher Peter Natter, the breakfast in the open air and the run over glowing coals .
Whatever serves the people and their cause: let us know.

Space for creative, charitable, merchant, critical, cooperative and co-op.

70 m2 Krone seminar room – but you need it smaller or bigger?
70 is too big – then the room will adapt to your needs thanks to a flexible wall.
70 is too small – then the Krone has partners with larger rooms nearby – such as the Ritter von Bergmann Hall. Contact the municipal office 0043 5513 6209250 The Crown remains your reliable host and enabler there as well.