Supervision und Superragout.

Get out of your own 4 walls to dis­cuss the pre­sent, deve­lop the future or reflect on the past — com­pa­nies, orga­niza­ti­ons, think tanks, asso­cia­ti­ons, con­sul­tants and coa­ches will find the Kro­ne a good place for their agen­das. After all, the mind fol­lows the sen­ses. And the sen­ses expe­ri­ence fri­end­ly wel­co­me being, light, oxygen-soaked semi­nar rooms for up to 25 peo­p­le. Light, aromatic
Semi­nar kit­chen, strong espres­so, a house whe­re ever­y­day life is lived as culture …

… and fle­xi­ble hosts:
They make pos­si­ble wha­te­ver it takes: the walk with house phi­lo­so­pher Peter Nat­ter, the break­fast in the open air, the run over glo­wing coals, a ping-pong match, the visit to a craft­sman fri­end, the wine tasting in the Kro­nen cellar.
Wha­te­ver ser­ves the peo­p­le and their cau­se: let us know.

Space for creative, charitable, merchant, critical, cooperative and co-op.

70 m² Kro­ne semi­nar room — but you need it smal­ler or bigger?
70 is too big — then the room will adapt to your needs thanks to a fle­xi­ble wall.
70 is too small — then the Kro­ne has part­ners with lar­ger rooms near­by — such as the Rit­ter von Berg­mann Hall. Cont­act the muni­ci­pal office 0043 5513 6209250 The Crown remains your relia­ble host and enabler the­re as well.