Efficient arrangements and congenial context.

When you need to confer or to work on a project – perhaps for a company, or an organisation, or even to do with your own life – and can best meet that need away from your usual working environment; when you resolve to take time to think about the future or reflect on the past: whatever your purpose, you will need to find the place to achieve it.

The Krone is a good place for such requirements. Clear thinking will follow when all the sensory signals are right.

And what your senses will instantly respond to here are such things as: bright light airy seminar rooms for up to 25 people – far from city fumes. Light but appetising menus for seminar participants; strong espresso, a cultured atmosphere and obliging hosts.

Ask for the things you need: a stroll with Peter Natter, our house philosopher; open-air breakfasts, fire-walking, a table-tennis tournament, a few hours hands-on learning from a friendly artisan. Whatever it may be, do let us know.

Working space for creatives, executives, charity workers, crime novelists and artists

70 sq.m. (750 sq.ft.) is what we start from – but if you prefer a smaller space, no problem. The wall can be moved and the room size reduced to meet your needs. What if you need not less but more? In that case the Krone will fix you up with one of its nearby partners for a larger room; however, the Krone itself will remain your host and facilitator.

Seminar Checklist

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