Room(s) to be social and enjoy life!

We don’t quite follow when people speak of “the Krone restaurant” in the singular.  If the “best room” in someone’s home is for social gatherings, then we can offer quite a choice of best rooms – all of them inviting and comfortable, spotlessly clean, spacious yet not too big, and appealing to the eye with their elegant hand-made furnishings. These are best rooms to meet many different needs: the churchgoers’ regular pre-lunch “Stammtisch” every Sunday, the tired but happy returning skiers and ramblers, the golfers after 18 holes to celebrate or forget …, the formal business dinner, the family celebration, gourmet evenings, afternoon book club sessions.

These pleasant rooms draw their life and sparkle from our guests and also from our service team, every member of which unites professional competence and thoroughness with a personal delight in looking after the comfort of others.

It´s a Promise!

Your big day at the Krone in Hittisau: whether you have smashed the world record, achieved a long-held ambition or won the Wimbledon singles, got hitched, a house of your own or a hundredth birthday… Whatever the occasion, come to the Krone to celebrate, and be sure your big day will go off in proper style. Do brief us fully on all your ideas and wishes. And do bring along any number up to 80 of your fans, friends, extended family…!

We will take care of everything else: menus and musicians, wines and well-wishers, longer stays and latecomers, hilarity and high old times.
It’s a promise!





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