The 7 Principles of the Krone Kitchen


1. Give your all to the job

To us, cooking is preparing for a celebration.
If you are a food-lover and a celebration is coming up, you cook what you personally enjoy, and in the style you like best. So our Krone family always have lunch together and have the chance to try out the restaurant’s current recommendations and also any new recipes.


2. Stay real

Less (elaboration) is more (flavour).
Why does the “little black dress” always stay in fashion? Because it works fine without any fussy additions and has the beauty of simplicity. So we never strive to keep up with the latest culinary trend – we select what is right for us.


3. Cook with great care

Food (not just bread) is the staff of life.
Leonardo da Vinci knew a thing or two: “Remember, learn first to take care; skill comes after.” The way we prepare meat is a case in point: whatever the cut, we apply care, time and dedication to create wonderful dishes. The Krone’s legendary ragoûts are only one example.


4.Know your suppliers personally

If possible, all within an hour’s drive from here.
Our farmers, herb specialists and fruit- and vegetable-growers here in Vorarlberg do more than supply us: they are our teachers. And as in school, we need to listen carefully, reflect, ask questions and try to put into practice the things we have learnt.


5. Work with your hands

Because hands feel more.
All around us in the Bregenzerwald we see the work of skilled hands. Here in the Krone it has to be the same. No ifs, no buts.


6. Cook unplugged!

Flavour without enhancers. Use a light touch.
The dishes we most enjoy have relatively few ingredients: the point is that the flavours harmonise. Ever tried a dash of sherry with the carrots?


7. The year has many seasons

Anticipation heightens the pleasure.
So: no strawberries here all winter, and in summer you must look elsewhere for sauerkraut. Our menu is not unduly long, and our carbon footprint accordingly modest.


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