A room at the Krone and so much more:

  • Enjoy the warm hos­pi­ta­li­ty exten­ded to you by Hele­ne and Diet­mar Nussbaumer-Natter, their sons Oskar and Max and the ent­i­re team. We call our­sel­ves the Kro­ne fami­ly becau­se in this house we work tog­e­ther like a big family.
  • Our well-stocked house libra­ry. Brow­se among a mul­ti­tu­de of absor­bing books, maga­zi­nes and news­pa­pers such as Der Fal­ter, Der Stan­dard, Pres­se, Neue Zür­cher Zei­tung, Frank­fur­ter All­ge­mei­ne and selec­ted jour­nals such as brand­eins, Der Spie­gel, Ori­gi­nal, Fal­staff, A la car­te, Vogue, Hoch­par­terre, Modulor, Art Aurea, to name just a few.
  • A varied and most­ly home­ma­de bre­ak­fast buf­fet with our own jams, cere­als, spreads and bread as well as a fine selec­tion from our regio­nal suppliers.
  • • Four cour­se evening meals from Mon­day to Satur­day from the Kro­ne kit­chen, which the­se days boasts not 2 but 3 Gault Mil­lau toques. On Sundays we go rustic and ser­ve hear­ty Bre­gen­zer­wäl­der cheese pas­ta with salad and des­sert. A must try.
  • Our out­door ter­race over­loo­king the Hit­ti­s­au vil­la­ge squa­re is open from April through to Octo­ber. Accord­ing to seni­or boss Her­bert Nat­ter the Kro­ne ter­race is the second most beau­ti­ful in Euro­pe (admit­ting that he couldn’t name the most beau­ti­ful one). If the sun­ny ter­race pro­ves too hot for com­fort, you’ll always find a seat in our shady gar­den area.
  • Our supre­me­ly cosy chim­ney room for after­noon tea, cof­fee and eit­her a healt­hy bit of fruit or a deca­dent sli­ce of home baking by the open fire.
  • A tho­rough­ly tried and tes­ted selec­tion of board games.
  • A sau­na in the gar­den for a reju­ve­na­ting time out. In all fair­ness pro­bab­ly one of the best desi­gned sau­nas far and wide. Come see and try it for yourself. And why not ele­va­te the expe­ri­ence to ano­t­her level by pre­boo­king a mas­sa­ge in the adja­cent mas­sa­ge room? 
    • 1. The Kro­ne has been awar­ded the Aus­tri­an eco-label and we do not use dis­po­sable bath slip­pers, as their life span’s just too short. We the­re­fo­re ask you to bring your favo­ri­te bat­hing shoes, flip-flops, etc. with you. Thank you, your coope­ra­ti­on is much appreciated.
  • A table ten­nis room with clim­bing frame, dart board and a wall for bud­ding artists with an urge to express themselves.
  • To-do recom­men­da­ti­ons just for you from your hosts. We know the area like the back of our hand and will send you to pla­ces gua­ran­te­ed to make beau­ti­ful memories.
  • Dis­coun­ted sin­gle ent­ry to the Werk­raum­haus Bre­gen­zer­wald – with a stam­ped postcard

For tho­se who can’t sur­vi­ve without their regu­lar soap fix: no pro­blem. We’ll set up a tele­vi­si­on set in your room free of charge.

And if you miss some­thing for your real exis­tence: we are open to your wishes