Wilma und Herbert Natter

Senior partners and the backbone of the Krone, they provide support wherever needed to allow Helene and Dietmar to get on with all aspects of their life’s work. Specialty chef, grandpa, grandma, looking after guests, providing a delivery service, decorating for a special occasion – you name it, they’ll do it! That’s the way it works when you are a dedicated host and regard enjoyment as a ‘human right’.


Lina und Josef Nussbaumer

Die Eltern von Dietmar Nussbaumer gehören zu den guten Geistern der Krone: Babysitten bei Oskar und Max ist ein Fixpunkt und ihr großer Nutzgarten in Langen liefert der Krone sommers in schöner Regelmäßigkeit Kräuter, Beeren und Gemüse.


Isabella Natter-Spets

‘My family and I live just over a mile away from the Krone. In my heart there is virtually no distance at all. My sister and her husband have done a wonderful job taking our childhood home further and it gives me great pleasure to be a part of that process.’ In her profession, Isabella Natter-Spets develops ideas and has concocted a few for the Krone as well.


Dr. Peter Natter, resident philosopher

‚I am the caretaker of all things cerebral at the Krone. I am not concerned with the superficial, I’d rather dig deep and seek profundity and, above all, effect. A philosopher concerns himself with culture which is not just a part of something but represents the very beginning of everything. This is the spirit I pursue when I am at the Krone spending time with our guests while they enjoy everyday relaxation and holiday highlights.’

Florian Aicher, architectural critic and friend

‚At the Krone I find what is missing in many places these days: the art of transforming something mundane into a joyful event. It takes a special talent to achieve this without artifice and affect.‘


I’d place it somewhere between magical and whimsical: good things happen without you really noticing.

Only once I’m settled in my room the thought crosses my mind: When was the last time I was welcomed so warmly? Relaxing in an easy chair I ask myself: Where else was I effortlessly guided to my room by warm lighting? Casting my eye around the room I muse: Where else do I find everyday objects in such sophisticated shapes? In the restaurant and lounge I marvel: How does the change between old and new happen between these spaces? Sitting at my white linen covered table I ruminate: When and where did I last enjoy the humble and unfairly dismissed dish of veal cheeks, a simple but perfectly creamy polenta, a fresh garden salad with a hint of garlic and raspberry (not to mention the home made sorbets)? Where else does a wine recommendation segue into a discussion about building and then into an invitation to join the forthcoming author reading event? Where else will I find such a stimulating exchange between authors and guests?


Bernardo Bader, architect

There is hardly anywhere else where people and place fit together as well as at the Krone. It’s wonderful to be friends with both!

Stefania Pitscheider-Sorraperra

The Bregenzerwald is a region dedicated to sustainable tourism and as such, culture in all its shapes has particular significance. It is therefore very important to pursue a fruitful collaboration between cultural institutions and tourism enterprises. As long as there is active exchange, cooperation and mutual support, both parties will benefit and this has been the case with the Krone right from the beginning. The Krone is an important partner close by, both for staging events and for the consolidation of our museum’s standing in the region and beyond.

IMG_6317-Markus Faißt

Markus Faisst

Thoughts from our wood philosopher and esteemed local carpenter Markus Faißt: ‘I see the Krone as a place and space of extraordinarily well looked after and sophisticated everyday culture. My close relationship with the Krone family grew from many building projects as well as cultural collaborations over the years and it represents something very precious to me.’

Helga Rädler

Vorarlberg as a tourist destination aims to be leading the way in all things hospitality, regionality and sustainability on a European level by 2020. Ambitious goals but by no means impossible – and the Krone in Hittisau exemplifies these objectives. Here, everything fits, harmony reigns, proportions match. Excellent, regionally sourced cuisine; sensitive handling of building fabric old and new; an interest in culture and the arts as well as genuine hospitality – all these aspects make the Krone a valuable and cooperative partner, especially when I incorporate the Krone in my guided architectural walks.

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