Surroundings are what you choose to surround yourself with.

The Bregenzerwald countryside and Hittisau, that’s what we surround ourselves with. Or rather they surround and sustain us. For the most part, they are accessible to our guests: the gentle landscape that invites exploration on foot and bestows peace on the explorer; architecture that is both interesting and sustainable; a rich cultural life for the discerning, a range of sports for those blessed with stamina; tranquillity for all.

The Bregenzerwald

For several decades now, the Bregenzerwald valley region has sought to raise its game, bringing its agriculture, craft trades, summer and winter tourist industries, value-adding enterprises and infrastructure to wider international recognition. If we can believe the marketing strategists and the economic experts, those efforts have now largely achieved their goal. And so now more and more of us in the Bregenzerwald sense a need to focus once again on older, less tangible values: culture, regional identity. The green forests, clear-flowing rivers and serenely majestic mountains look on, unchanging.

The Bregenzerwald Visitor Card

The Bregenzerwald Visitor Card gives you free entry – from 1 May to 31 October – to the mountain experiences offered by the region. It gives you as many excursions as you like on the mountain railways, along with environmentally-friendly travel on the regional bus services, and hours of fun and relaxation in the open-air swimming pools. You will be given your Bregenzerwald Visitor Card when you book three or more nights accommodation in the area. The card is included in the room price.

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